Peter Sanders, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Office of the CEO
Melissa Ward, Executive Assistant
John Powell, Assistant


  • David Mitchell, Head of Strategy
  • Anthony Miller, Associate Director, Strategy


Anna Hall, Editorial Director


  • Chris Buchinsky, Editor-at-Large
  • Angus Cameron, Executive Editor
  • Matt Chisholm, Global Markets Editor
  • Tracy Drew, Managing Editor

San Francisco

  • Andrew Smith, Associate Editor, Special Projects
  • Barry Whitrod, Sustainability Correspondent
  • Stuart Conran, Senior Editorial Associate
  • Claire Flewin, Associate, Editorial Operations
  • Ken Morris, Editorial Associate
  • Mark Meddins and Robert Bain, Editorial Apprentices

New York

  • Robert Nugent, Editorial Associate
  • Melvyn Pearson, Editorial Associate


  • Inari Mu, Editorial Associate
  • Yen Fo, Editorial Associate
  • Wong Liu, Editorial Associate

Contributing Editors & Columnists

  • David Lea
  • Tom Lucy
  • Mark McBride
  • Sean McCabe
  • Eddie Powell
  • Doug Robinson
  • Lee Sheward
  • Colin Skeaping
  • Tony Smart
  • Stuart St. Paul


  • Nick Hobbs
  • Dave Holland


John Ralph, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Jeff Reid, Manager, Marketing Technology Operations
  • Danny Skundric, Brand Marketing Manager
  • Suzanna Smith, Email Marketing Manager
  • Adrian Start , Marketing Manager
  • Don Taylor, Social Media Editor
  • Charles Torbett, Social Media Editor


Stephen Lloyd , Chief Financial Officer
Roger Lofting, Global Head of People


  • Derek Meddings, General Counsel
  • Anthony Moore, People Director
  • John Morgan, Head of Commercial Finance
  • Terry Reed, Financial Controller
  • John Rogers, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Chrissie Richardson, People Generalist
  • Robbie Scott, Commercial Finance Analyst
  • Keith Short, Office & Project Manager


Deon Durr, Chief Technical Officer / Head of Individuals
Peter Edmonds , Head of Product

  • Laura Lovejoy, Head of Technology
  • Chris Brock, Associate Product Director
  • Bob Badami, Associate Product Director
  • Simon Harris, Senior Product Manager

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